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by Saturday, April 9, 2016

Here’s the story on how our online shop came about…

I’ve always loved making products, from the time I was in school, I used to make candles, recycled paper bags, paint canvasses and spend time flower-making and also have summer workshops for other kids.

The cottage industries (from pottery to perfumes) have always lured me. I wanted to introduce handcrafted items that enrich people’s lifestyle, from gorgeous home decor elements to natural products for the skin and body.

A trip to the South of France led to a personally fulfilling experience and planted the seed for channeling my love for handicrafts into a small company. While I was there I visited several perfume houses and got a glimpse into their manufacturing process. I instantly envisioned what it would be like to recreate this on a small scale.

florence-tripI fell in love with their exquisite products and aesthetic sense of design. The whole setting and vibe and literally the fragrance in the air had me excited to start my own boutique company where I could recreate that positive state of mind for others when they would use my products.

The final push moment was when I took a DIY perfume-making class in a gorgeous apothecary in California where something amazing happened. I had a realisation that I should not wait for a ‘One-Day’ moment and should just go do it. It was serendipity! The fragrance I created inspired me and led me to set up my company Peachmyst – All Things Beautiful!


It’s liberating when you’re not afraid to make your passions your professions! I say that in the plural because I’m a filmmaker and always wanted to be that for as long as I can remember but I never thought of making handicrafts my profession too!

So while I strike a balance between the two, I do feel pure bliss and joy to bring this ‘gift’ to life and share it with you.

You can now check out these products handmade with love and natural products on Etsy!!

Visit our Etsy Store today!

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